There’s just always something new and exciting. You don’t ever have a boring day in Mojave.
– Terry Palmer, Protoflight

To go and unveil the world’s first human commercial spacecraft even made my kids very jealous today.
– Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California

The space ship flew like a bird and the crew got out with big smiles on their face. Absolutely delighted.
– Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic

What kid growing up drawing spaceships on his folder doesn’t want to have a job like this?
– Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace

I’d never ridden in a rocket before and I highly recommend it for everybody. The ride is smooth and exciting and oh my gosh you go up high in a hurry.
– Aleta Jackson, XCOR Aerospace

Hi everyone, Stuart Witt, General Manager of the Mojave Air and Space Port. I want to introduce you to unrestricted dream space, right here in Mojave.
– Stuart Witt, CEO and GM

If you’ve got an idea and you want to try something, come up here and we’ll help you. We’ll give you a venue, we’ll figure out a place even if it’s just a little shack someplace to start your business.
– Dick Rutan, EKAD Director

I’m just gonna build my own rocketship and we’re gonna go.
– Dave Masten, Masten Space Systems

Why did Orville and Wilbur go to Kitty Hawk? They went for three reasons. Freedom from encroachment by the press, freedom from industrial espionage and a steady breeze. The same things exist at Mojave today.
– Stuart Witt

There’s no other major meccas of rocket powered airplanes that I know of, besides this whole area here, Mojave and Edwards right next door. And the reason is because it’s such a wonderful natural area for testing rocket planes.
– Mark Street, XCOR Aerospace

It’s the middle of nowhere, nobody else wants to be here, so we do.
– Dave Masten

The flying weather is great.
– Mark Street

The incredible helpful attitude of the people here in Mojave, specifically the airport management and directors, who get it, who understand what we’re about in developing these new technologies.
– Rick Searfoss, XCOR Aerospace

You would not believe the wild ideas that walk in this office. And we don’t look at them as wild ideas. We actually take some internal pride in hosting people who are willing to try. There are people who look at that Roton and see it as a failed project. But I don’t. I look at the number of companies that grew out of that and became thriving companies, and basically became the foundation of a new industry.
– Stuart Witt

XCOR was founded in 1999. All four of the founders had worked together at another entrepreneurial space company, The Rotary Rocket Company, that was based in Mojave. It’s been a rockin’ ride and we’re not done yet.
– Jeff Greason

There are many many other companies on this facility and they gravitate to Mojave.
– Rick Searfoss

You come here and you find a collection of like-minded people focused on common goals.
– Stuart Witt

Every day you see something strange in the sky here at the Mojave airport. It’s a very very interesting place to do business.
– Duane McNutt, ASB Avionics

The reward of working here at Mojave is being exposed to a great range of aerospace activities, from rocketships to spaceships to civilian aircraft.
– Nigel Speedy, National Test Pilot School

There aren’t many places where you can do this kind of testing.
– Randa Milliron, Interorbital Systems

It’s the world center of odd-looking airplanes that do amazing things.
– Ken Doyle, Firestar

It’s an opportunity that just doesn’t exist in very many other places in the world.
– Nigel Speedy

To be here when Brian Binnie and Mike Melvill flew a homebuilt spaceship built by 34 people, at a time when NASA had 85,000 and couldn’t put an American in space, and we did it from here with a plastic airplane that was built by 34 people. That was pretty neat. To see Dave Masten’s picture on the cover of Aviation Week, and I remember the night before he won, his rocket burnt up sitting on the pad after a flight, and they rebuilt it with volunteers, came out the next day and won a million dollar X Prize. That’s the story people don’t see. And we do. We get to see the passion, we get to know the people that are twisting the wrenches.
– Stuart Witt

This is the only airport that I know of that recognizes the prioritization and importance of research flight testing.
– Burt Rutan, Scaled Composites

Mojave Air & Space Port by and large operates on its own receipts. We don’t get operational funds from anybody. The commerce rolling through Mojave airport and up the mountain is really good business for us. It’s the wind industry. On the rail yard side, we’ve signed a ten-year contract with the rail industry to support the wind industry. That’s not only excellent use of our landholdings and compatible use of our landholdings, but it’s a great revenue source, which enables the airside operation.
– Stuart Witt

We were able to perform nearly 5,000 rocket tests in the last ten years and you project that ahead, that is now a game-changer in the rocket-powered flight industry. Nowhere else on Earth is that happening. I keep telling the world, if we are successful in Mojave, hopefully the world will have many commercial vehicles to fly in space.
– Stuart Witt

Mojave Air and Space Port is the world’s premiere flight test facility. And don’t you forget it.
– Dick Rutan

Special Thanks to ASB Avionics, Dick Rutan, Firestar Technologies, Interorbital Systems, Masten Space Systems, National Test Pilot School, Protoflight, Scaled Composites, Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace, X Prize Foundation

Produced by Robin Snelson and Haley Jackson – Editor, Christopher Angel -Camera, Steven Payne and Chip Proser – Music by Ramón Balcázar