You can do a lot of things here you can’t do anywhere else. Break the speed limit. Break the sound barrier. Break the bounds of gravity. And blow stuff up. After all, we are the proving grounds for 75 years of aviation history. The possibilities are absolutely endless. And we have the unique means to do it safely and reliably.


Runway 12-30 (12,500 feet long, 200 feet wide) with blast pad at the end of 30
Runway 8-26 (7,050 feet long, l00 feet wide)
Runway 4-22 (3,943 feet long, 50 feet wide)
Blast Pad
Floodable pads (210ft x 138ft and 214ft x 152ft) 2
3 Bunkers Airline Storage Yard
30 x 50 Dipping Pond with 12 ft Sloped Sides Airline Bone Yard
Baseball Field
Industrial Parks
Hangar Space
Aerospace vehicles & equipment
Vintage aircraft
Wreckage and Salvage Parts
Firing Range
Secure storage
Outdoor Event Space (with access to airfield and aircraft)


Perimeter fencing – provides instant privacy and security for shooting locations
24 hour security and closed circuit video surveillance


On-site Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) operations.
CB3000 Walter 3,000 gallon with class “B” foam.
CB3000 Walter 3,500 gallon with class “B” foam.
2 ALS paramedic units based on the field, including Medivac helicopter.
Close working relationship with Kern County Fire Department, located 1/4 mile from airport.

Logistical Advantages

Access to power, fuel, and water
Truck traffic friendly
Heavy equipment accessible
Large, spacious parking lots and offroad parking.
Most locations have good road.
Railroad access
Onsite support vehicles
UPS shipping depot on site.
Food and hotel lodging nearby
Experienced film-industry friendly staff to help with permitting, logistics, and support
Storage and holding facilities for equipment and staging

Filming and Television Advantages

Area mostly isolated from urban advertising signage, branding, logos, visual distractions, and urban noise.
Located just 90 minutes from LA.
Onsite restaurant (reduces need for craft services).
Access and clearance for helicopters, airplanes, and special vehicles for filming.
Track record of successful film and television location shoots.
Spacious runways, roads, and asphalt pads.
Access to military style bunkers, settings, and airplanes.
Vintage aircraft available.
Versatile hangars and warehouses
Non-airport filming locations such as industrial parks, empty lots, desert landscapes, and even a baseball field.
Crowd and bystander control (location is perfectly isolated from the public with a perimeter fence)