Visiting pilots please use frequency 127.6,
call 661-824-5218 or
click here for AWOS.

Other current NOTAMs are available from Flight Service Stations at 1-800-WX-BRIEF

Fuel and Tiedown

Jet A and 100LL are available from 0730 to 1630, Monday through Saturday. Call 661-824-4207
After-hours self-serve 100LL fuel is available at the pump immediately east of the old tower.
Note: Tiedown fees may be waived with fuel purchase.

Control Tower

Tower (Monday – Friday 0700-1700): 127.6
Additional hours available for special events.
CTAF (Monday – Friday 1700-0700, weekends operated 24 hours): 127.6

Arrival Information

Ground: 123.9.
Joshua Approach/Departure: 133.65 UAF
ARTCC is Los Angeles Center
SPORT (R-2515 Control): 132.75/272.0

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