emergency services

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) operations:

Monday – Friday 0700-1500
Additional manning may be arranged by contacting Kevin Wojtkiewicz at (661) 824-2433 or by emailing Kevin@MojaveAirport.com

We presently support military, general aviation and spaceport operations. Our detailed response procedures in each of these areas insure your safety. Our highly-experienced Aerospace Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) staff includes a certified Fire Officer IV. Our spaceport response procedures have received praise from the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation.

Major Apparatus:

1ea – CB3000 Walter 3,000 gallon
with class “B” foam.
1ea – CB3000 Walter 3,500 gallon
with class “B” foam.

Additional Equipment:

Command/Rescue Unit with 450lb PPK agent. Total Initial Response Capability 6,500 gal.

Other Support:

Airfield fire crews enjoy a close working relationship with Kern County Fire Department, located 1/4 mile from airport.

2 ALS paramedic units based on the field, including Medivac helicopter.