Jet A and 100LL are available from 0730 to 1630, Monday through Saturday.
Call 661-824-4207.

After-hours self-serve 100LL fuel is available at the pump immediately east of the old tower.

Prices as of 8/12/2015:

$5.50 Self serve
$5.60 Cash
$5.70 Credit

Jet A
$4.35 Cash
$4.45 Credit

Most major credit cards are accepted.
As well as the following:
Government Air Card
Multi Service Card


Transient aircraft tiedowns are available (highly recommended due to robust winds) adjacent to the airport administration building, under the old tower. The tiedown fees are as follows (24-hour rate):
Single engine: $5.00
Multi-engine: $10.00
Turbine (under 12,500 lbs): $15.00
Turbine (12,500 – 100,000 lbs): $75.00
Turbine (over 100,000 lbs): $250.00

Note: Tiedown fees may be waived with fuel purchase!