Mojave Air and Space Port (KMHV) is located at:
Lat: 35 03 33.713N (35.059) Long: 118 09 06.682W (-118.152)


Nearby Radio Nav Aids

Edwards VORTAC (EDW)r268/21.1116.4015E
Palmdale VORTAC (PMD)r335/26.0 114.5015E
Lake Hughes VORTAC (LHS)r028/30.8108.4015E
Gorman VORTAC (GMN)r050/38.1116.1016E
Gen. William J. Fox NDB (GWF)354/19.528215E

Restricted Airspace Cautions

Mojave Air and Space Port’s airspace sits adjacent to the Edwards AFB Special Use Area (SUA) complex, designated R-2508. Because of this proximity, visiting pilots are strongly cautioned to become familiar with the local SUAs, MOAs and Restricted Areas, including the Isabella MOA, Owens MOA, Saline MOA and Panamint MOA.

More information on these areas: R-2508 Complex