Intermodal Freight

As West Coast ports become increasingly jammed with freight from the Far East, shippers are looking for places where they can ship containers by rail and unload them onto trucks and airplanes — places like Mojave Air and Space Port.

Mojave Air and Space Port is a strategic intermodal transportation hub connected to Union Pacific railroad and Highways 58 and 14. Situated just north of Los Angeles in the Alameda Corridor, we provide world-class global logistics to international and domestic transportation companies. Our decentralized geographic position allows us to offer a cost-effective solution to any logistical issue, something already identified by companies such as United Parcel Service and Ameriflight.

The town is intersected by two major trucking highways, two rail lines and borders Mojave Air and Space Port. Occupying over 200 acres of a former Marine Corps training base, the Mojave Air and Space Port is home to 140 companies, employing over 1300 highly skilled technical personnel. These businesses have discovered the strategic advantages of doing business in southeastern Kern County.

Cargo Plane Capacity

With a main runway 12,500 feet in length, Mojave Air and Space Port can accommodate the largest cargo airplanes, such as the AN 124, thus adding efficiency to your logistics needs.

Soft Tire Highways

Highway connectivity is direct and very effective for “soft tire” transportation. Highway 14 provides direct access to the Los Angeles area and northern Nevada. Highway 58 provides access to the California Central Valley north/south corridor, Arizona and south Nevada.


We also offer very cost effective office and warehousing solutions to complete our logistics offering.