“Mojave is the equivalent to Silicon Valley for the emerging space industry.”

Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace

“This is a Field of Dreams – if you have a dream, come here and we will help you make it come true.”

Board of Directors, Mojave Air and Space Port

“You want to test a rocket engine? Where are you going to go? This is a place where you can do that.”

Board of Directors, Mojave Air and Space Port

There are many things that make Mojave an exceptional center for flight test:

– Welcoming attitude toward imagination and experimentation
– Community of world-class tenants with a passion for flight test
– Business-friendly regulatory environment in which critical barriers have already been broken
– Close proximity to suppliers in Los Angeles
– Unique and academically accredited National Test Pilot School offers experienced test pilots locally
– Fuel service, restaurant and major & minor airplane modification and repair
– Three runways with six takeoff and landing directions
– One of the longest runways in the region, 12,500 feet, allowing takeoffs and landing of heaviest cargo planes such as a maximum takeoff weight Boeing 747-400 at 100°F heat
– A flexible, skilled labor pool that can migrate according to the dynamics of tenant needs
– Dozens of cutting-edge aerospace research and design companies
– Huge airspace away from populated urban areas located near the Edwards and China Lake test ranges, including the supersonic corridors
– Strategic intermodal transportation hub with huge warehousing capacity, direct rail connection and freeway on-ramp at the crossing of the Highways 58 and 14
– Should you ever need it, a sophisticated Aerospace Rescue and FireFighting operation (ARFF)
– Perfect aviation weather with 300-plus sunny days a year

These are the reasons Mojave has become a natural center for aerospace research and development, and is being dubbed the Silicon Valley of the personal spaceflight industry.

For more information, contact info@mojaveairport.com, 661-824-2433.