Welcome to Mojave Air & Space Port

Our mission is to foster and maintain our recognized aerospace presence with a principal focus as the world’s premier civilian aerospace test center, while seeking compatibly diverse business and industry.

Currently home to more than 70 companies involved in transportation industries from heavy rail industrial manufacturing to suborbital vehicle development, Mojave Air & Space Port and industrial park might very well be a future destination for your business.
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Mojave Air & Space Port – The Modern Day Kitty Hawk

“My job is to give people permission. Every day in the skies over Mojave and on the ground at Mojave Air & Space Port, people take enormous risks, which someday will yield great things for all humanity.”
– Stuart Witt, CEO, Mojave Air & Space Port

“The companies operating out here are incredibly innovative. We encourage these companies to challenge on a daily basis.”
– Karina Drees, Director of Business Development, Mojave Air & Space Port

“There’s a spirit of innovation here and it’s been here for a long time. I think that’s why companies come here and why you continue to see new companies coming here and trying out new ideas.”
– Suparna Mukherjee, Firestar Technologies

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